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Notes from a Private Investigator I Our private investigator teams in IPIA and BEPIA are often contacted by men who have been victims of a scam.

Often the scammers pretend to be single women and entice the man into a relationship and eventually milk as much money from him as they can before disappearing.

Talk has gone into overdrive among their fans that the actors – who helmed hit drama series Descendants Of The Sun last year – could be dating once again, The Korea Herald reported.

But yesterday, the celebrities’ management agencies shot down the speculation.

In one of the most used cons, the con artists are one or two men and an English-speaking girl.

They usually put a personal profile for the girl on different dating sites. The woman will have daily contact with the man via texts, email and telephone over weeks or even months.

So by now lots of money has been passed to the girl.

The problem is these con artists want more and more. When the woman is due to travel, she calls and says that she has been detained at the Jakarta airport, usually for an immigration related issue, or because she was under contract to work as a domestic servant and is trying to leave before the contract expires.

Contact our private investigators and give us a brief summary.The girl will even show her you copies of her ID, passport and of the visa she obtained. Money is often sent to the woman through Western Union.This provides no security to the sending party and no way to stop or reverse a payment and no way to identify the recipient, as they use a fake ID to pick up the money.It may seem easy to criticise someone as being gullible to fall for the scam we describe below but it happens a lot.Also real people do meet in this way and genuinely live happy lives.

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Tell us what your last communication was and what you know about the con artists.

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