Cacee cobb dating lachey nick

[Page Six] • Whenever he entered the Tribeca Grand Hotel last week, John Travolta demanded that the music be turned off, forcing a dramatic hush to fall over the room.

Unfortunately, not even Scientology offers an explanation for this one.

[R&M] • Anthony Pellicano's associate Paul Barresi hands over notes detailing the identities of several tabloid sources, including Sly Stallone's mother and Cher's daughter Chastity Bono.

According to OK's source, "Whatever hopes Tony had of his relationship with Jessica turning into something real pretty much ended with Joe's stunt. Not YFly, however, which guarantees "real celebrities, athletes, and artists - no posers! And how do you know your new friend is the "Da REALJess Alba," and not just some balding, middle-aged impostor preying on horny and gullible teenage boys?

Come to think of it, Lloyd Grove editor accused of hacking into (read: using someone else's password to access) the magazine's e-mail system to gain an unfair competitive advantage in obtaining scoops about the newest busty brunette with whom Nick Lachey may be having intercourse, when our eye drifted over to the Related News box at the right hand side of the page.

The article does mention Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards by name, and is certainly an "entertainment" story, but there is no explicit mention of "hot chicks"—trust us, we checked.

Guess someone's not getting a free car this year.

[Page Six] • Yesterday we declared Denise Richards to be one of the dumbest rocks to ever rest in the celebrity garden, but maybe we misjudged.

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Where the hell is the manny when this stuff happens?

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