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[] [CHAT] Alcana: Mystic is great [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Mystic is best team [] [JOIN] Ozank Cx has warped into the Crystal Palace [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Blanche is best leader [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: im sad [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: Hallo Ozank o/ [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Blanche is perfect [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: i lost my phone [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: lol [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: : O [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: oh no [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: my brother explained to me that team mystic is basically the classy people and team valor is the trolls and assholes [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: i think its somewhere around me but its not in an obvious place anyway [] [CHAT] Live Delta: Cri.

[] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: And Instinct are memes and weirdos, Max [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: and the yellow team is the desperate people [] [CHAT] Betty Spaghetti: im team valor rip [] [CHAT] Live Delta: Same.

[] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Hail, Twizz [] [CHAT] Live Delta: Hey, Wiz. [] [CHAT] Lapiis: my sexuality is what makes u think that i can be there for someone when i cant even be there for myself let alone to even make myself whole again [] [CHAT] Hynza: libertarians are hella stupid tho [] [CHAT] Hynza: so [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: how so [] [CHAT] Hynza: i explained this to you several times [] [CHAT] Fusion Fan100: Sardonyx Room needs to be edit more [] [CHAT] Sharayna: i read that as librarians [] [CHAT] Hynza: and im too lazy to go over the specifics but [] [CHAT] Hynza: here's the basic [] [CHAT] Fusion Fan100: That I made [] [CHAT] Hynza: if libertarianism were to work [] [CHAT] Hynza: wouldnt you think that like [] [CHAT] Felis Lupus: Help plz [] [CHAT] Hynza: at least one country would have tried it by now [] [CHAT] Hynza: hmm? [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: original America usted to be libertarian [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: Im lsot now [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: and it was great [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: lost* [] [CHAT] Hynza: but they haven't, because in practice you can't implement it [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: back in the day [] [CHAT] Hynza: yeah well original america also had slaves [] [CHAT] Hynza: so [] [CHAT] Hynza: ya know [] [CHAT] Hynza: not that great [] [QUIT] The Simmer5 has warped out [] [CHAT] Hynza: also the articles of confederation was wildly ineffective and our government wasn't able to do anything [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: I just don't want America to turn into the UK [] [CHAT] Hynza: so states just kept saying "suck a dick" to the federal government and then we couldn't tax them so we had no way of making money and we were just dicking ourselves over [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: because they try to solve problems by restricting peoples freedoms [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: and it doesn't really make any difference in the end [] [CHAT] Betty Spaghetti: roses are red, violets are blue, everyone in Uganda, knows kung fu [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: cus even places with high security are being attacked by crazy people [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: it's only the law abiding citizens who suffer from these laws [] [CHAT] Hynza: yes clearly because eliminating gun free zones like what the libertarian platform suggests will obviously make us more safe [] [CHAT] Hynza: CLEARLY [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: ._.

[] [QUIT] Cheeseskates has warped out [] [JOIN] Cheeseskates has warped into the Crystal Palace [] [CHAT] Sharayna: ok so [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: I think I will join the blue team [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Good choice [] [CHAT] Alcana: what format ev [] [CHAT] Sharayna: should I write or art [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Don't matter [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Write [] [CHAT] Sharayna: write [] [CHAT] Alcana: shana you should wrart [] [CHAT] Sharayna: i shall continue my grocket sucction [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: now listen here phone of mine [] [CHAT] Alcana: write and art at the same time [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: reveal yourself [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: it's funny how much trouble pokemon go has caused tho [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Shana writes erotic grocket fanfics?

[] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: Wb o/ [] [CHAT] Twizzzler: her hairlines looks like Donald Duck [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: :o [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Twizz sucks [] [CHAT] Sharayna: Twizz smells like a noutrishiously fruity snac- BOY IF YOU DONT [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: And is an orphan [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: And is Twizz [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: twizz [] [CHAT] Twizzzler: OML [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: did you see suicide squad [] [CHAT] Nuummite: Thanks, Day. [] [CHAT] Sharayna: boy [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: For 0 he can buy a stripper to cosplay as Harley Quinn [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: lol [] [CHAT] Live Delta: [small] Jk, Ev bby. [] [CHAT] Twizzzler: Delta looks like the Devil from Cow and Chicken [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: I just realized [] [CHAT] Cheeseskates: My face does resemble snoopy, [] [JOIN] Osiris YT has warped into the Crystal Palace [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: ;_; [] [CHAT] Sharayna: SN O OPY [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: /me cries [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Live Delta? [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: More like [] [CHAT] Betty Spaghetti: ooo [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: that Harley is Leonardo Di Caprio's wife in Wolf of Wallstreet [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Live Beta [] [CHAT] Nuummite: Shots fired...

[] [CHAT] Sharayna: OM [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Mhmm [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: nah he's 14 [] [CHAT] Sharayna: succquidward [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: Cheeseskates is....moldy cheese... [] [CHAT] Sharayna: bruh [] [CHAT] Live Delta: :0 [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Cause he's incomplete [] [CHAT] Sharayna: o h [] [CHAT] Live Delta: ;~; [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: but she's so much hatter as Harley Quinn [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Filled with bugs [] [QUIT] Felis Lupus has warped out [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: And doesn't work [] [CHAT] Twizzzler: You can't be talking [] [CHAT] Twizzzler: ugly ass looking duck [] [CHAT] Sharayna: ST [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: I don't got friends, nobody can insult me \o/....... [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: My toon on Toon Town was a MOUSE not a DUCK [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Get it right [] [CHAT] Twizzzler: You look like one of the those ducks from Ducktales [] [CHAT] Sharayna: mine was a rabbit named pinky wonderdoodle [] [CHAT] Cheeseskates: Wooo-ooo [] [CHAT] Sharayna: i miss them [] [CHAT] Twizzzler: [small] i need to stop [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: I'll stop you [] [QUIT] Osiris YT has warped out [] [CHAT] Nuummite: Twizzler is triggered.

[] [JOIN] Softwork404 has warped into the Crystal Palace [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: Halllo Soft o/ [] [CHAT] Twizzzler: Evan, you can't stop me with your Amethyst looking lips [] [CHAT] Sharayna: BO IY [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Racist [] [CHAT] Nuummite: My God.

[] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: I bet none of you have ever heard this song https://

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