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Even when the team controlled for physical attractiveness, however, the link between narcissism and match success for women remained strong.

The team found the results enlightening, but say there is still work to be done — namely, an experiment with a larger sample set.

I disagree that my charm is superficial, but that could be my narcissistic side talking. I don’t believe manipulation is wrong if the end result is a positive outcome.

While psychopathy has a really bad rap for murderers and serial killers, many of those same traits are exactly how I would describe the average girl. I have “tricked” my son into eating his vegetables for example – a manipulative gesture for sure, but one that helped him develop healthy eating habits.

The triad consists of narcissism, a grandiose sense of self paired with a desire for attention; manipulative, coldly practical, and power-hungry Machiavellianism; and psychopathy, a lack of empathy with a side of antisocial behaviors.Despite our conscious rejection of these qualities in others, those who possess them often exhibit a superficial charm and succeed in the business world.The study involved 90 participants between the ages of 18 and 32 who completed questionnaires to measure dark triad characteristics and big five personality traits, which are extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism.In both women and men, narcissism and psychopathy increased the chances of being chosen by a partner for a short-term dating scenario such as a one-night stand or a casual friends with benefits situation.“Dark triad traits are linked to the pursuit of short-term mating strategies, but they may have differential effects on actual mating success in naturalistic scenarios,” Emanuel Jauk, corresponding author of the study, told Women with narcissistic personalities, however, had higher chances of being chosen as a potential long-term partner as well as a short-term one.Naturally, those who were rated the most physically attractive had high chances of being chosen as well, and the researchers found that good looks and narcissism in women were strongly correlated.

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