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I am just trying to find the bright side of the situation, however, maybe I am a little bit too optimistic."We are working together on the ending of our relationship on that level and intend to keep it private.And it's important to add that we have every intention of being in each other's lives." I just read this online.I just read on com under the news section that Alex may be researching if any legal action can be taken on Ellen and Portia if the rumors are true.that's kinda weird though.. Would she do that just for the money or because she really wants to get back at them? Alex was probably seen walking into the lawyers' offices, and someone decides it can ONLY be because Alex wants to sue Ellen for means that Ellen really ditched Alex for Portia. Apparently she also wants to sue Portia for having stolen her lover!! She may have been re-writing her Will or something. For everyone's sake, I hope the rumors of legal action are fallacious, but if this law suit actually comes to fruition, I can think of one positive implication.And it should go without saying that we continue to respect and honor one another.We both supported and helped each other through some very hard times, and that support is still there." Hedison also expressed her ongoing feelings for De Generes.I still love and care tremendously for her and we are working together on the ending of our relationship on that level and intend to keep it private, she said in a statement. ..........99.99% of lesbian split ups end in rows, different friends and CD's being argued over.The article is a classic example of greed in celebrity status, not love which is where it all started - how quick things change.

Unfortunately in America, this case falls under the palimony category, since our neo-conservative, fundamentalist government believes in the oppression of same sex couples.Not sure if this is gonna work this is my first time but here goes anyhow.Thinking along the same lines myself earlier, Kitty, Martina is another person I greatly admire and inspired me.i found this in the online at the london times website The Sunday Times - World January 09, 2005 Hollywood lesbian affair ends with duel on the legal frontier John Harlow, Los Angeles HELL hath no fury like a Hollywood lesbian scorned.The former girlfriend of Ellen De Generes is considering legal action against both the comedian and her new lover, the Ally Mc Beal actress Portia de Rossi, in a case that could redraw the boundaries of romantic strife in America.

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At that time, de Rossi was preparing to "marry" her girlfriend Francesca Gregorini, the daughter of actress Barbara Bach and stepdaughter of Ringo Starr. The split between De Generes and Hedison is not the only high-profile breakup for Ellen.

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