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In 2012, Forbes reported, “Hobby Lobby’s cash spigot currently makes [Green] the largest individual donor to evangelical causes in America.”Hobby Lobby-related entities are some of the biggest sources of funding to the National Christian Charitable Foundation, which backed groups that collaborated in promoting the anti-gay legislation in Arizona – recently vetoed by Gov.

Jan Brewer – that critics say would have legalized discrimination against gays and lesbians by businesses.

Try to be flattered that he finds you irresistible while you make spaghetti in sweat pants and a Turbie Twist.

You know he's the reason you went crazy in the first place.16. You've told him about all of the horrible things your high school nemesis did to you, but when you run into her in Hobby Lobby, he'll assume you're old pals.17.

Although you really love this man, some days you'll "feel" like setting him on fire while he sleeps in his recliner.10.

"Your breasts are like beach balls" is really a term of endearment.

Hobby Lobby says it’s just trying to protect its religious freedom.

The family proudly promotes its philanthropy to churches, ministries and Christian community centers, dedicating half of the company’s pretax earnings to Christian ministries.

In 2007, Hobby Lobby’s founder and CEO, billionaire David Green, pledged million to Oral Roberts University, bailing out the debt-ridden evangelical university.

By the time Valentine's Day #3 rolls around, you're lucky to get a melted Snickers bar he found in the floorboard of his truck.3. His horrible dishwasher-loading technique and mounds of belly button lint are going to strike a nerve like lightning strikes the Empire State Building.4. House plants may die and vomiting may be induced but this won't deter him.

Receiving flower bouquets and sentimental love notes just because it's Thursday won't last forever.

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