Quicken mutual fund quotes not updating

Watch List Portfolios can be built by simply assigning the individual stocks, funds, bonds or cash you to wish track without requiring any additional information.

Transaction portfolios allow more details to be added to the portfolio, allowing for greater historical tracking and analysis.

To add these indices to a portfolio, please use the following tickers: S&P 500: SPX NASDAQ: COMP Dow Jones Industrial Average: $INDU Russell 2000: RUT DJ Utilities: $UTIL DJ Transportation: $TRAN DJ Composite: $COMP S&P 400: MID AMEX: XAX. The programmers of the site believe that using Internet Explorer outside of your connection to AOL, your Internet Service Provider, would eliminate the problems that you are experiencing.

XIm having trouble using Portfolio Manager and Im an AOL subscriber. Using Internet Explorer separately of AOL has eliminated many of the problems AOL users have experienced using our site.

Next, click on the "Portfolio" tab to access your portfolio.

If this is not the case, and you are still unable to access your portfolio, please let us know through our feedback form .

In most cases, users are more concerned about the speed of accessing their updated portfolio than the unlikely chance that someone will intercept that information.

Portfolios are not encrypted, but we do store them on a secure server behind a firewall.

It is possible that this occurred when the holdings were entered.

When you clicked Save Portfolio, you may have received a message stating: "The following ticker symbols could not be found in our databases.

On the other hand, someone accessing your credit card information is a much more potentially dangerous scenario and this is why we use every security precaution when handling this information. Stock Splits can be added to Transaction portfolios created on

There are two different kinds of portfolios that can be built on the site: "Watch List" portfolios and "Transaction" portfolios.

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Whenever changes are made to the Portfolio Manager, your portfolio will be assigned a new URL, therefore, you will have problems trying to access your portfolio.

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