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It isn't like you are asking them to ask her out for you.You are simply trying to gauge the potential for mutual interest without screwing up your friendship. Once you have their input, move forward (or back off, depending on what they say) but do so slowly and carefully.There's so many other women out there, hard to believe my close friend sister is the only one available. There's so many other women out there, hard to believe my close friend sister is the only one available. What can I say that will beat around the bush and kind of test the waters to see if she is interested without coming straight out and saying lets date.

I once had a thing for one of my little sister's best friends.

It was amazing how different things were after that.

I had closure and while I still had a slight crush on the girl, it really helped me move on. " But if he has a problem with it, then you'll know and you can decide to lay off the sister.

In hindsight, I think my brothers and my whole family dodged huge bullet. Imagine I introduced one of them to my brother, if things didn't work out, what would she think of my entire family!!!

No thank you, I won't ruin my brother's dating life with women I know in real life. Anyway, having said all that, maybe the dynamics of male friendship can be entirely different. I broke up with him because I couldn't handle long distance relationship at the time.

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