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Speak to your carrier for updated travel information.”What are the experts saying?

After last night's incident, Frank Brehany, Consumer Director of Holiday Travel Watch, calls on the travel industry and the government for more cohesive security information for holidaymakers.

"Brussels Airport has now deployed a greater zoning around its perimeter and such extensive action is required at all airports around the world."He added: "It is no use simply offering the mantra ‘we must not give into terror’; actions have to be demonstrable, and yes, whilst they may add time and inconvenience to our schedules, most people would accept that this is a small price to pay for extra peace of mind but also to frustrate criminal attempts to kill or injure innocent people.

"Equally, as we sit on the anniversary of the terrible events from the beach of Sousse in Tunisia, we note the generality of Travel Advisories and call upon those responsible, be they government or travel industry, to offer specific resort guidance on the steps taken to secure such areas along with details of recent and historic suspicious activity in that area.

As far as travel operators are aware at this moment there is no change to normal plans for flights in and out of Turkey's other major airports.

Flights to Dalaman from British airports still have the green light - as do flights to Bodrum.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We are in close contact with authorities in Istanbul and urgently seeking further information following an incident at Ataturk airport."Our staff in Istanbul and London stand ready to support any British nationals affected."The FCO travel advice on its site adds: “There has been an attack at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.

If you are in the area follow the advice of the local security forces.“Please follow Travel Advice for further updates.

Thyroid conferences, gynecologists get-togethers and this events are crucial for the essential people to think about the most basic bit of human body.Having said this, Britons planning on travelling to Turkey have been warned of a “high” threat of terrorism after chilling suicide bombings killed at least 36 people at an Istanbul airport.The Foreign Office travel advice to Turkey remains serious, telling Britons in the area to follow the advice of the local security forces."I also think that it is perhaps time for general holiday Travel Insurance companies to offer Travel Risk Intelligence, as indeed some do for commercial travellers, so that Consumers can benefit from this valuable source of information."By governments, airport and commercial outlets taking these actions, this will instil greater confidence in Consumers and respect for their inability to be able to fully risk assess security issues for themselves and their families; it really is time to have this joined up conversation on travel safety!

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