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I don’t think the foreign press fully understand the resilience of Brits in the face of such things.Some people sensationalise things – look at Donald Trump and his team and the Hollywood nonsense ‘London has fallen’, which had more holes in its plot than a piece of Gruyère. Other politicians have been criticised for not putting anything on social media other than the party line and bland repetitive statements.I think that chimes with the response to the New York Times article and CNN broadcasts that say Britain is reeling – and then many in this country take to Twitter and Facebook to say we’re not reeling, by employing withering irony, and using humour and sarcasm.As a regular social media user yourself, what’s your take on that?

I offer a safe, accepting and confidential place where you can explore thoughts and feelings without judgement.

As well as private practice I currently work for MIND mental health charity. I offer counselling in a quiet private and comfortable environment from my consulting room in Harpenden.. I am within easy reach of M25 junction 21A and 22 and Junction 7 Redbourn of the M1.

I am 5 minutes drive from St Albans and 10 minutes drive from Luton. I can also be reached via the 321 bus route and Harpenden train station.

For example I gave a couple of fun facts about other candidates when I fought South Shields in 2015. The way [a BNP candidate in South Shields] looked on her leaflet was what made me stop and do a double take because when I first her I genuinely thought the BNP were putting up a black candidate – which of course would be wonderful news, if rather surprising.

And that’s all that I was saying about that particular aesthetic. She really did look like a very dark-skinned person in a blonde wig. The BNP has everything to do with race, I just thought it was a surprising aesthetic. ’ And of course it is good to have someone who has local knowledge, and cares about the area and those sorts of things. Most of it is incoming correspondence from member states.

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