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In an interview with , Fletcher joked: “I’ve definitely kissed more guys in a few weeks than I had in my entire life!

” She added that you can’t censor yourself during the show: “…If you know there is chemistry and a physical connection, it’s a good time to have privacy and let whatever happens happen.” Though she eventually shacked up with former quarterback Jordan, her experience through reality TV show sounds like a combination of speed dating and a possible foray into polyamory — particularly because there is so much emotional processing on the show itself.

Ultimately, audience members are programmed to want Fletcher to pick one guy and settle down with him for the rest of her life, or something like that — and while the show’s finale implies a happy ending, that’s usually not the case.

Meanwhile, the journey she takes to that final moment is a pretty unusual one.

He was most recently the Editor-in-Chief of Next Magazine.

Who can remain until the end and who will beat them all to become the Music Master?

Instead, what they’ll get is constant, draining and often explosive emotional processing.

It’s not a real, workable relationship, whether it’s polyamorous or monogamous, but rather the kind of drama that occurs because of boredom, loneliness and a self-willed search for love.

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