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But Carnivore's descriptive name seemed to defy that, and an independent review ultimately found that the system was "capable of broad sweeps" if incorrectly configured.

The reviewers also found that Carnivore lacked both the protections to prevent someone from configuring it this way and the capability to track who did it if the configuration got changed.

Scarfo was using encryption to protect his communications, and the FBI used a key logger—which was likely a commercially made tool—to capture his PGP encryption key.The government had already used it about 25 times, beginning in 1998, when the public finally learned about it in 2000 after Earthlink refused to let the FBI install the tool on its network.Earthlink feared the sniffer would give the feds unfettered access to all customer communications.By 2005, the FBI had replaced Carnivore with commercial filters, but was still using other custom-built collection tools in the Carnivore family.But all of these network surveillance tools had one problem, the same issue plaguing law enforcement agencies today: encryption.

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