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Earlier this summer, Mary Ellen Funke and Lyell Evans Roeder of D. synth-pop band Tigers are Bad for Horses took a month-long songwriting hiatus and went to Chicago.

As a way to fill their downtime, in lieu of barely knowing anyone in the Windy City, the band went on Tinder to meet new people.

Travel companies have been meeting this challenge head-on.

Trip Advisor recently stopped booking elephant treks, tiger encounters, and “swim with dolphins” outings, and it even set up an informational portal on its website to help users understand why certain attractions were not offered.

), tigers have stalked their way into online dating profiles lately.

Nowhere have they roamed more widely than on dating site Tinder.

They often spend their lives in cramped cages—or worse.

In nature, elephants walk up to 30 miles and are active for 18 hours every day, but elephants who are used for rides are routinely shackled and unable to get an adequate amount of exercise. In just five years, there has been a 30% increase in the number of elephants at tourism venues in Thailand, the world’s largest promoter of elephant camps, where the egregiously cruel and prolonged ritual is used to break the spirits of baby elephants and force them to submit to humans.

You can see scores of guys posing with the beasts on Tumblrs like Tinder Guys with Tigers. In fact, it's so in that it's now also a cliche to have a statement in your profile commenting on all the tiger pictures. —but really, what must the tigers think of all this?

"Everyone in the 20-something age bracket has a picture of themselves posing with a doped-up tiger during their 'epic' backpacking trip around Southeast Asia," Tinder user Karleigh Kassen, 26, told the that they believed a photo taken with a tiger would set them apart from "boring guys who stay at home and play video games" and make them appear "fun" to potential dates browsing their profiles.

Because nothing says "hot date" or stirs basic animal impulses like a guy puckering up as he strokes the white chin fur of a big cat. We can only hope that Tinder doesn't take too big a hit from losing this sexy and devoted portion of its users.

A stereotype of online dating holds that people will lie about their age and physical attributes.

But the real “cougars” of dating apps are those who think pictures of themselves posing with captive tigers make them look some kind of sexy.

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