Updating a linksys router

According to Linksys, all of their "Smart-Wifi" branded routers can self-update.

These devices usually have model numbers starting with EA or WRT.

People can't schedule updates, are not warned beforehand, not told afterwards and can't fall back to a previous version if the new version is a problem. NOTE: The information below was provided by someone who works for Linksys in February 2017.

In June 2017, a Google Wifi router had been powered off for a couple weeks.

During that time, the firmware had been updated from version 9334.41.3 to 9460.40.5.

Within a couple hours, the router self-updated to the new firmware.

Is newly downloaded firmware validated in any way, such as being digitally signed? A Trusted Platform Module (HW TPM) verifies signatures of the code.

Q: Does the router support multiple installed firmwares?

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(so you can fall back in case an update causes a problem) If not, then can you install old firmware if a new version caused a problem? Multiple partitions with fallback in case of a failed software update.

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