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With this app, you can get into the game real quick figuring whether you have a chance or not.

The app ran into problems with Zynga and App Store but it has made a comeback and has also racked up investments.

I talked to people from around the world and even met a couple other women.

VR is in its tween stage, and many users still act like they're in middle school.

The platform does allow for friends to share experiences or hang out in private rooms, but right now none of my girlfriends have headsets.

Altspace also holds public events that have gotten a lot of attention.

A moderator stepped in not long after to control the situation.

He could tell I was uncomfortable and asked everyone to give me some space.

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"Sorry, it's my first time here," I felt compelled to say. A few days later, tech editor Alexis Kleinman went into an Altspace room using a female avatar and was also immediately harassed.

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