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Easy enough to scratchbuild the rack, but an omission nevertheless. Yet another error that can be categorized as more or less serious is the lack of an armor plate on the lower nose.Robert Kru pointed this out to us (see drawing below) and also noticed that this plate is lacking in all of Dragon's Panzer III kits, while it is included in Dragon's Stu G III kits (although in the latter kit it is of the bolted variety).

The way Dragon represents them there is no way any air will ever get into (or out of) the engine compartment.The earlier cupola is still provided in the kit, however, and has separate hatches, while the new cupola only has the closed hatch (for reasons I still cannot grasp and even though it is shown open in the boxtop artwork).The modeler can thus choose to install the earlier cupola (and install a crew figure), leave the periscope openings unharmed and just assume the Schürzen have been added in the field and the Nebelkerzen removed as ordered in May 1943.The instructions (including the parts lay-out) only show a single piece, called "C". Something else, which is a bit odd, is that the tracks are to be installed in Step 9, while the Schürzen go on in Step 8. The experienced modeler will get around this, of course, but the novice may learn a new expletive in the process.I also noticed that part A37 (the antenna) is labelled as B15 (which is in fact a Schürzen bracket).

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by the manufacturers, which were Daimler-Benz, MAN, MIAG, MNH, Henschel and Alkett. K was never built.) Production of these subvariants started in March 1941 and ran until August 1943, after which production was switched entirely to the Stu G III. Those of you that have been paying attention until now know that a Pz. (Too late for Tunisia, but in time for Kursk.) This does not necessarily mean the vehicle was produced after May 1943, as Schürzen could be retrofitted and Nebelkerzen removed, but it was definitely not produced before March 1943.

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